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Jerseyware is proud to announce “THE DARK STONE FROM MEBARA", an H. P. Lovecraft-inspired PC RPG - UPDATED AND COMING TO STEAM!


Set in 1924 Massachusetts, take the role of Detective Monroe, Professor Webley, and Boss Pendleton of the Pendleton Agency, all of whom have come to possess an eerie black rock with strange properties. Battle vicious cultists in a race to discover the stone's cosmic origins! Visit famous Lovecraftian settings while managing your party against poisons and sanity loss! Come face-to-face with unspeakable horrors, all as you struggle to unravel the truth behind…THE DARK STE FROM MEBARA!


Now a Private Detective, this former police officer finds a great deal of satisfaction in rooting the truth from a crime. Such cases are few in the posh Little Berlin, Massachusetts, to the detriment of his many talents.

A learned and travelled educator, Professor Webley will take any opportunity he can to pour over fresh reading material. This has sidetracked cases, but his on-the-spot knowledge and multilingualism remain powerful 'get out of trouble' cards with Pendleton

Owns the Agency, contracts the cases, rubs elbows with the funders, and can be considered a hardcase. A stern voice and hot temper are thin masks for his true nature, as Pendleton tends to prioritize cases he believes are morally important, and will raise heated arguments on principle alone.


The Pendleton Agency calls this quiet, upscale burg in northwest Massachusetts it's home. It is here that Detective Monroe begins his story.

A landmark of Lovecraft lore, the University and its staff are integral to deciphering the stone's mysteries.

Travel across Massachusetts, delve cultish hideouts, and journey across the stars in your quest for the truth.


Solve puzzles and discover the many secrets to be found!

Battle challenging foes and cast powerful magicks in a classic ATB system!

Featuring detailed visuals courtesy Pioneer Valley Games!

With a custom spellbook scene and detailed level up displays!

An original tale based in the universe of H. P. Lovecraft!